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Research Impact Challenge: Getting Started


Are you an early career researcher looking to set yourself up for professional success? An established faculty member planning for tenure, promotion, or post-tenure review? The head of a lab, division, or other group of researchers wanting to better understand how to showcase their accomplishments?

Join us for 5 days of asynchronous activities to help you better understand and manage your online scholarly presence and the impact and reach of your research. The activities are presented as daily "challenges" running the week of August 7-11, 2023 that you might accomplish to boost and understand your impact. However, each day stands alone and can be completed separately. You should feel free to select the most relevant activities and meet them in any order you wish. 

The activities focus on your online scholarly presence, the various ways to measure the success and impact of your research, and strategies for expanding and enhancing your professional network and the reach of your scholarship. 

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