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Research Impact Challenge: Day 5

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Day 5 Content By:

Hilary Jasmin

Research & Learning Services Librarian

Jess Newman McDonald

Research Data & Scholarly Communication Lead

Day 5: Stay Informed and Build Your Network

Today we'll learn about how to stay informed in your field, demonstrate collaboration with co-author network, and identify potential collaborators for future work.

Staying informed with current research in your field empowers you to remain relevant, deepen your expertise, establish meaningful connections, make informed decisions, and contribute effectively to advancing knowledge and addressing real-world issues. 

Similarly, researchers often do their best work in collaboration. Through collaboration, researchers can pool their knowledge and skills, tackle complex challenges from multidisciplinary angles, accelerate the pace of discovery, and ensure that findings are robust and well-rounded. 


Challenge 1: Keep up to date with research in your field


Challenge 2: Visualize collaboration with co-author networks


Challenge 3: Find Collaborators