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Research Impact Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 Content By:

Jess Newman McDonald

Research Data & Scholarly Communication Lead

Tamara Nelson

Senior Research & Learning Services Librarian

Day 2: Understand and Locate Your Research Impact Metrics

For Day 2 we’re talking about how scholarly work makes a difference, and how those contributions are measured, reported, and valued. 

We’ll learn about the transformative potential of persistent identifiers (DOIs & PMIDs) for enhancing the visibility and influence of your research. These powerful IDs enable the tracking and linking of your work for more robust and accurate measures of impact. “Impact Metrics” is the broad term we will use to introduce you to a variety of metrics and their sources, including the author h-index and journal CiteScore.

Challenge 1: Ensure your publication list(s) have DOIs


Challenge 2: Learn how to identify the right impact metric for your purpose


Challenge 3: Locate 3 levels of impact metrics


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Bonus! Evaluate a group of authors (e.g. for a lab, research unit, or department)