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Access Your Virtual Library

Major e-Journal providers

Access E-Journals through E-Journal Finder

screenshot of e-journal finder screen

  1. Search bar. Can search for a known journal title or browse a topic
  2. Filters and limiters. They work in the E-Journal Finder like they do in other databases, and there are many more that are not pictured.
  3. When you are searching for journals, you’ll notice that sometimes there are many links that allow access to that journal. These links have different years of coverage, so that’s what you’ll want to look for when trying to access journals.
    • For example, the box in the photo encompasses our holdings for The Journal of Anatomy. We have it available through all these links, but each link has a different year coverage.
    • The “Full Text Delay” means that the full text is unavailable for the specified years. So we have this  journal available through Free Medical Journals, but we do not have access to the full text of the most recent two years of publications