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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource guide provides answers to many of the frequently asked questions on how to have the best experience with the library resources and services.

Answers to Access FAQs

Q: How can I access the library's resources remotely?

A: Your UTHSC NetID and password combination is the key to access the library's resources remotely. 

Q: What if I have problem accessing a database or a journal article the library has subscription to?

A: Please contact the library to report the problem by phone (901) 448-5634, email, text message (901) 730-6733, or live chat

Q: How do I access library's licenced journal articles? Is it a good idea to access them outside the library's homepage? 

A: There are several ways to access the aticle. If you know the citation, you can use the Library Discovery Search to pull out the article by entering the article title onto the search box. If you don't know the citation, you might start with searching a database such as PubMed/Medline. Most of the the library's bibliographic databases are linked to library's licenced journal articles. On the search results page, you should see links to the articles. It's highly recommended to access library's licenced journal articles from the library's homepage because you will not be able to get to the full texts expecially if you are at off campus locations.

Q: Are local healthcare professionals allowed to remotely access the library's licensed resources for a fee?

A: No. Remote access to the library's licensed resources is restricted to current UTHSC community members with a valid NetID and password. 

Q: Can UTHSC alumni access the library resources remotely? 

A: No. Access to the library's  licensed resources is restricted to current UTHSC community members with a valid NetID and password. However, the library created a Resource Page for Alumni. You will have access to open access journals via several places.

Q: How do I know the library has a subscription to the journal I needed? 

A: Conduct a journal title search in the library catalog or search the E-Journal Finder. The search result will tell you if the library has the journal either in print or electronic format.

Q: Where to find a list of journals with impact factors?

A: You can use Journal Citation Report (JCR) to find journal impact factors.