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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource guide provides answers to many of the frequently asked questions on how to have the best experience with the library resources and services.

Library FAQ

You will find answers to many of the frequently asked questions on how to use and access library resources and services, and where to get help when in need. Use the FAQ categories or the category tabs to find answers to your questions. Whenever you have a question, you can always email the library with your question or call the front desk at 901-448-5634. 

FAQ Categories

How do I ... has answers to the most frequently asked questions

Access to library resources such as online journals and databases

Library Instruction provides answers to questions on how to request group or one-on-one consultation and how to sign up for library workshops

Staying Current has step-by-step instructions on how to set up alerts with online databases to keep up to date with biomedical literature

Mobile Resources provide step-by-step instructions on using mobile apps to access library resources

EndNote guide is all about learning how to use the program to manage your references