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Health, United States: An annual report on trends in health statistics produced by the National Center for Health Statistics. The report contains detailed tables and charts on health status and its determinants, health care resources, health care utilization, and health insurance and expenditures.

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MeSH Headings [mh]

Biostatistics [mh]: A narrower term under Statistics as Topic [MeSH].

Epidemiology [mh]:  Use the subheading with diseases: epidemiology [sh].

Statistics as Topic [mh]: Narrower terms for statistical methods and concepts appear under this broad term.

Vital Statistics [mh]: Used for general articles concerning statistics of births, deaths, marriages, etc. Narrower terms are available under this term: LIFE EXPECTANCY; LIFE TABLES; MORBIDITY; MORTALITY; PREGNANCY RATE

Subheadings [sh]

economics                   Example: Mass Screening/Economics

epidemiology              Example: Rabies/Epidimiology  

ethnology [sh]             Example: Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic/Ethnology

mortality [sh]                Example: Lipectomy/Motality

statistics and numerical data [sh]       Example: Accidental Falls/Statistics and Numerical Data

Note the more specific terms included under this subheading: ethnology [sh]; mortality [sh] 

supply and distribution [sh]        Example: Influenza Vaccines/Supply and Distribution 

utilization review [sh]                Example: Electronic Health Records/Utilization

workforce [sh]                   Example: Nursing/Workforce

CINAHL - Cimulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature

Subject Headings [MH]

(MH "Statistics"): For general materials on compiling or calculating statistics, etc.; for statistics on specific topics see appropriate subject and look for document type: statistics. Consider also DATA ANALYSIS, STATISTICAL.

(MH "Vital Statistics"): Use for general materials concerning statistics of births, deaths, marriages, etc.


Epideminology/EP: Used for the distribution and frequency of diseases, injuries, and other health-related events and their causes in a desired population. Includes incidence, prevalence, endemic, and epidemic outbreaks. Excludes mortality for which "mortality" is used.

Ethnology/ET: Used with diseases and selected terms for ethnic, cultural, anthropological, or racial aspects, and with geographic headings to indicate the place of origin of a group of people.

Motality/MO: Used with human diseases for mortality statistics.