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Frequently Asked Questions

This resource guide provides answers to many of the frequently asked questions on how to have the best experience with the library resources and services.

How to register to SciFinder?

Individual Registration is required for the web version of SciFinder. SciFinder’s web-based user registration form allows you to create your own SciFinder username and password. After the form is complete, CAS sends an e-mail with instructions for completing the registration process. The registration process requires your university,, or e-mail account.

  1. Open SciFinder web access registration form
  2. Click next. 
  3. Enter your contact information (only your, or e-mail address is required). 
  4. Specify username and password. Username: 5-15 characters (May contain only a combination of: letters, numbers, these special characters: – . _ @). Password: 7-15 characters (Must include at least 3 of the following: letters, mixed upper and lowercase letters, numbers, non-alpha characters (, @ # % *)).
  5. Select a security question from the drop-down list and provide the answer. 
  6. Click register.
  7. You will receive an e-mail from CAS to complete the registration.

Already registered for SciFinder? Login here.

NOTE: An unlimited number of UTHSC simultaneous users can access SciFinder. Inactive sessions will still timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity.

Note: All SciFinder seats moved to the Web version. The desktop version of SciFinder Scholar is no longer supported. If you had the desktop/client version of SciFinder installed, please uninstall and remove from your computer.

How to install a SciFinder app?

Open SciFinder web access registration form and click Next.
Follow the on screen instruction to complete the registration. The registration process requires,, or e-mail account. You will receive an e-mail from CAS to complete the registration.

If you already registered, login from your device web browser to

Enter your username and password.