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Digital Measures User Guide

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Digital Measures News

Digital Measures News

October 22, 2021

With the Annual Performance and Planning Review (APPR) launch date quickly approaching (December 1, 2021), we would like to invite all faculty members and evaluators participating in the process to attend one of our regularly scheduled APPR/Digital Measures trainings. The session will focus on how to complete the APPR process within Digital Measures and provide an opportunity to meet with a Digital Measures Administrator. Use the links below to register:

To see our full list of trainings, visit the "Get Assistance" page.

If you have any questions regarding the APPR process or Digital Measures, please email

August 24, 2021

We’re excited to share a new update from Watermark and Digital Measures that’s focused on making things easier for you! You’ll be able to quickly see which activities you’ve already captured, review activities for completeness, and be confident that what's in the system is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. We know you are busy, so the goal here is to save you time by making data management easier.

When you log in to the system and go to any activity screen, you will see some new options that give you more control over the view:​

  • A new spreadsheet-style layout makes it easier to review your records, avoid redundant work, and verify the completeness of your information.
  • Sorting, filtering, and search options help you pinpoint specific records that need additional information, so you can close gaps more quickly.
  • The ability to change which columns display gives you the power to focus on the elements that matter most for what you’re doing at that moment.

This quick video gives a sense of how easy these tools are to use.

It’s important to have your accomplishments and activities in Digital Measures for a number of reasons. Here, at UTHSC, this platform supports our annual reviewsyour public-facing web profilesand various accreditations. It’s key to your and our success to share your accomplishments and activities.

If you have questions, please email

August 13, 2021

Over the summer, Watermark renamed Digital Measures to Faculty Success, in an effort to more clearly articulate its core focus and how it supports us in recognizing achievement and inspiring progress. UTHSC will continue to use the name Digital Measures on our campus and will not be using the new name, Faculty Success.

In reaching out to let you know of this specific change, we hope to minimize any disruption it might cause. Beyond noting the information below, no action is needed from you.

What’s changing?

  • You will see the new name start to show up in the product itself, starting with updates to logos and text references.
  • Both the old and new product names will appear together for a period of time to ease the transition. We’ll update the Digital Measures User Guide periodically through the transition, although all of the how-tos and expectations noted there remain the same.

What’s not changing?

  • No workflows are changing, and you’ll continue to access and use this software just as you always have.
  • UTHSC will continue to use the name Digital Measures on campus.

Thank you for your understanding and adjusting to this change with us! If you have questions, please contact

What is Digital Measures?

What is Digital Measures?

Digital Measures Login

Digital Measures allows faculty to record and track teaching, research and service activities. It also allows for the easy generation of reports for annual evaluation, reappointment, promotion, and tenure reviews.

  • Supporting faculty-related processes: Via paperless completion and processing of documents required for annual review, promotion, tenure, and enhanced performance review 
  • Highlighting faculty accomplishments: Via website portfolios, reports of faculty activities that include the aggregation of outreach, community service, and engagement
  • Documenting the entirety of faculty work/efforts/accomplishments: Via collection of information from all areas of the mission - teaching, research/scholarship, clinical care, service
  • Facilitating submission and storage of faculty information required for faculty credentialing, professional program and SACSCOC accreditation: Via ability for faculty, department, college, and/or campus upload and verification of licensure, certification, continuing education, professional development and other documentation
  • Decreasing duplicate/repeated requests for information from faculty: Via automatic CV generation, central ability to pull needed data on the part of departments, colleges, campus, or UT System
  • Supporting strategic planning and reporting: At departmental, college, and campus levels via customizable reporting
  • Extracting data for use in other systems: Such as UT System; SACS Faculty Roster; other professional accreditation faculty reporting