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ORCID@UTHSC: Adding Works to Your ORCID Profile

Get started with ORCID at UTHSC.

Adding Information

Adding research outputs to your ORCID profile is simple, and is getting even easier as more scholarly systems build integrations with ORCID every year! 

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Adding Works to Your Profile

Works refer to research outputs, including publications, data sets, conference presentations, and more. ORCID has built in integrations with many scholarly systems that will help you more quickly and easily populate your profile and keep it up to date.

You have several options when it comes to populating your works in ORCID:

1. Add works by direct import from other systems

2. Import works from a BibTeX file

3. Add works using an identifier

4. Add works manually

Learn more by exploring the tabs below.

Methods for Adding Works

To link works from another system, choose Search & link from the Add works menu in the works portion of your record:


Select a system from the list (Scopus is a good general source, others will depend on your discipline). You'll be asked to authorize the system, and will then be able to identify works in that system that are yours and that you would like transferred to your record. Each system behaves a little differently, and there may be a couple of intermediate steps not described here. For more information, see Add works by direct import from other systems in the ORCID Knowledge Base.


Use the Search & Link Wizard to Import Works from ORCID on Vimeo.

To import a BibTeX file of your works, choose Import BibTeX from the Add works menu in the works portion of your record, and import the file.

You may export a BibTeX file of your works from several places, including:

  1. Endnote
  2. My Bibliography (My NCBI)
  3. Mendeley

For more information, see Importing Works from a BibTeX File in the ORCID Knowledge Base. Refer to ORCID's BibTeX troubleshooting guide if you are having issues.

If you know the online identifiers (either DOI or PMID) of your works, you may search them in ORCID to quickly find your specific record. These should be included at the end of a standard citation, and may be a good option if you are working from a CV.

To locate works with an ID, choose Add DOI or Add PubMed ID from the Add works menu in the works portion of your record:

Visit ORCIDs guide to using identifiers for more information.

To add a work yourself, click Add works, then +Add manually, and a box will appear enabling you to complete for a manual work citation. There is a great deal of information you may add about a work, but only a few fields are required.

Learn more about adding manual citations from ORCID.