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New PubMed

This guide provides an introduction to the new features and capabilities of the New PubMed platform.

Welcome to the New PubMed

With over 30 million citations, PubMed is one of the leading sources of biomedical information and recently went through major upgrades to its platform. Some highlights of these upgrades include:

New Display, Navigation, & Output Features:

•Preview snippets from the abstracts on the results page
•Page from abstract to abstract
•Navigate around a record using the sidebar
•Cite in your preferred format
•Share via social media or permalink
•Access everything from your mobile device

New Result Retrieval Features:

•Enhanced synonymy-includes plural forms
•Enhanced British/American mapping-accounts for various spellings of titles
•Unlimited truncation-use to be limited to first 600 characters
•Improved sensors-can now sense titles and authors to better map to source
•Improved Best Match-brings best results to the top

PubMed Searching Best Practices

With all the new features of PubMed, it is important to still keep in mind these best practices for searching:

•Enter your search terms into the search box
•Be specific
•No punctuation
•No search tags
•No Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT)
•Avoid truncation (*)
•Allow the citation sensor and title sensor to work for you