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Research Data

A guide for locating, managing, and sharing research data.

Research Data & Scholarly Communications Lead

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Jess Newman
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Assistant Professor
Research Data & Scholarly Communications Lead
UTHSC Health Sciences Library
Lamar Alexander Building
877 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38163

Repository Listing

Domain Specific Repositories

BMIC has maintained a list of NIH-supported data repositories at this site for the last several years. Visit this list of both domain specific and generalist repositories for locating re-usable datasets as well as sharing your own data in compliance with NIH Data Sharing Policy.

Generalist Repositories

Generalist repositories that house data regardless of type, format, content, or subject matter.

* Information about the NIH GREI (Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative)


*New* Repository Finder Tool (NNLM)

To help researchers locate an appropriate repository for sharing or accessing data, BMIC maintains lists of data sharing repositories. Domain-specific repositories are typically limited to data of a certain type or related to a certain discipline. Generalist repositories accept data regardless of data type, format, content, or disciplinary focus.

Additional Resources