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Nursing - Professional Issues

This is a course research guide for a nursing credit course: Professional Issues.


You would need to provide a separate reference for each chapter that you use. Credit the chapter authors in the body of the paper and create a corresponding reference entry in the reference list.  

In text:

(Norris, 2011, p.499)

(Werner, 2011, p.448)

Reference list: (pp. xx-xx for chapter range page numbers) (Please adjust spacing)

Norris, T.L. (2011). Making the transition from student to professional nurse. In B. Cherry & S. R. Jacob (Eds.), Contemporary nursing: Issues,  trends, & management (5th ed., pp. xx-xx). Elsevier/Mosby.

Werner, K.M. (2011). Quality improvement and patient safety. In B. Cherry & S. R. Jacob (Eds.), Contemporary nursing: Issues,  trends, & management (5th ed., pp. xx-xx). Elsevier/Mosby.