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Nursing - Professional Issues

This is a course research guide for a nursing credit course: Professional Issues.


Treat it as citing a chapter in an edited book with two authors.

 In text: (Chapter author, year of publication, Chapter X) -- See APA 6th ed. 6.19 p.179.

     (Bargagliotti, 2011, Chapter 2)

Note that if you directly quote from the chapter, you will need to give page number. That will change the in-text citation.


Reference list: (pp. xx-xx for chapter range page numbers) Please adjust spacing. 

Bargagliotti, L.A. (2011). The contemporary image of professional nursing. In B. Cherry & S. R. Jacob (Eds.), Contemporary nursing: Issues, trends, & management (5th ed., pp. xx-xx). St. Louis, MO: Elsevier/Mosby.