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Electronic Health Records

PubMed Searching

Whether you are a clinician, researcher, or health IT specialist, you may come up with questions for some aspects of the Electronic Health Record (EHR), such as clinical workflow and EHR, using EHR data for research, implementation, attitudes, beliefs and use, data privacy, health data standards, and consumer access to the EHR and personal health records (PHR's), etc. For all aspects of the EHR, you can use EHR query in PubMed to perform a search to retrieve citations in journal literatureThis EHR query is developed by the National Library of Medline, and you may check other NLM services at its Electronic Health Record Information Resources.

To search for articles on the topic of electronic health records in journal databases, for example, PubMed, you can try the following terms:     

  • Electronic Health Records [MeSH]
  • Medical Records Systems, Computerized [MeSH]
  • Automated Medical Record Systems
  • Computerized Medical Records Systems
  • Health Information Exchange [MeSH]
  • Medical Informatics [MeSH]
  • Health Records, Personal [MeSH]
  • EHR or EHRs
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • EMR or EMRs
  • Personal Health Record
  • PHR or PHRs​
  • health level seven [MeSH]
  • hl7
  • Health Information Systems [MeSH]
  • Hospital Information Systems [Mesh] 

[Mesh] indicates that term is a Medical Subject heading. You can try search those terms as free text or MeSH terms. 

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