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Health Statistics

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MeSH Headings [mh]

Biostatistics [mh]: A narrower term under Statistics as Topic [MeSH].

Epidemiology [mh]:  Use the subheading with diseases: epidemiology [sh].

Statistics as Topic [mh]: Narrower terms for statistical methods and concepts appear under this broad term.

Vital Statistics [mh]: Used for general articles concerning statistics of births, deaths, marriages, etc. Narrower terms are available under this term: LIFE EXPECTANCY; LIFE TABLES; MORBIDITY; MORTALITY; PREGNANCY RATE

Subheadings [sh]

economics                   Example: Mass Screening/Economics

epidemiology              Example: Rabies/Epidimiology  

ethnology [sh]             Example: Lupus Erythematosus, Systemic/Ethnology

mortality [sh]                Example: Lipectomy/Motality

statistics and numerical data [sh]       Example: Accidental Falls/Statistics and Numerical Data

Note the more specific terms included under this subheading: ethnology [sh]; mortality [sh] 

supply and distribution [sh]        Example: Influenza Vaccines/Supply and Distribution 

utilization review [sh]                Example: Electronic Health Records/Utilization

workforce [sh]                   Example: Nursing/Workforce

CINAHL - Cimulative Index for Nursing and Allied Health Literature

Subject Headings [MH]

(MH "Statistics"): For general materials on compiling or calculating statistics, etc.; for statistics on specific topics see appropriate subject and look for document type: statistics. Consider also DATA ANALYSIS, STATISTICAL.

(MH "Vital Statistics"): Use for general materials concerning statistics of births, deaths, marriages, etc.


Epideminology/EP: Used for the distribution and frequency of diseases, injuries, and other health-related events and their causes in a desired population. Includes incidence, prevalence, endemic, and epidemic outbreaks. Excludes mortality for which "mortality" is used.

Ethnology/ET: Used with diseases and selected terms for ethnic, cultural, anthropological, or racial aspects, and with geographic headings to indicate the place of origin of a group of people.

Motality/MO: Used with human diseases for mortality statistics.