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EndNote: EndNote Setup

Everything about using EndNote and EndNote Online. Library workshops: Introduction to EndNote for Windows (Online); EndNote Drop-in Sessions

Setting Up Find Full Text Preferences

EndNote offers the option to find full text usually in PDF format downloaded to your EndNote Library. Before doing this, it is highly recommended that you set Find Full Text Preferences in EndNote.  This way you will find more full text PDFs because you connect your EndNote Library with the UTHSC Library's resources. Follow the following to set the EndNote preferences:

  • Choose Find Full Text under EndNote Preferences (For PC users the EndNote Preferences is under Edit; For Mac users the EndNote Preferences is under EndNote menu)
  • Check all the four boxes if they are not already checked
  • Enter UTHSC library's OpenURL and Authendicate With URL:

OpenURL Path is:

Authenticate with:

Note that 1) the EndNote Find Full Text feature will not find everything for you. Some journals and database services (e.g., JSTOR, EBSCO, will not work with it. 2) If your computer is on campus, you do not need to enter Authenticate with URL

Selecting a Library Mode

In your EndNote Library, you'll see three icons at the top left corner that allow you to select the mode for your library.


The first option is for Local Library Mode. It means it will not display Online Search Results:


The second option is for Online Search Mode. This will only show records retrieved from searching online within EndNote: 


The third option is for Integrated Library & Online Search Mode. This is like the best of both worlds and will display both your library and search results:



The third option for the Integrated Library & Online Search Mode will provide the most seamless experience using EndNote. We recommend choosing the Integrated Library & Online Search Mode for your library and leaving it there. 

Syncing Desktop EndNote to My EndNote Web

1. EndNote X9>Preferences>Sync. FOR WINDOWS USERS, Edit>Preferences>Sync.

2. Enter your UTHSC email and password.

3. Click Enable Sync.

4. Click Sign Up.

5. Fill out the My EndNote Web form that opens. (All red starred items are required.)

NOTE: Once you import some references to your EndNote, login to MyEndNote Web and see if your groups/references are showing. If syncing is set up properly, your groups and reference will be showing. 

My EndNote Web : Save this link to your computer so you can login to your EndNote from anywhere at anytime! 

Define Term Lists


1. Go to Tools>Define Term Lists.

2. Make sure you are clicked on the Lists Tab and on Journals. 

3. Click on the Import List button.

Windows Users, select the Medical text file. Over 14,000 journal titles will be imported. Then, click on Import List button again and select the BioScience text file. This will import almost 5,000 more journal titles. 

MAC users, go to Applications>EndNote>EndNote>Medical Terms. This will import 14,000 titles.

Applications>EndNote>EndNote>BioScience Terms This will import almost 5,000 more titles.