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EndNote: PDFs

Everything about using EndNote and EndNote Online. Library workshops: Introduction to EndNote for Windows (Online); EndNote Drop-in Sessions

Do More with PDFs


Attach a PDF to an EndNote recordFollow the instructions if Find Full Text feature doesn't retrieve PDF for your record. 

Annotate PDF filesUse this feature to make comments or add notes to a PDF file.

Automate to Find Full Text PDFs: Use this feature to find full text articles in PDFs that are automatically added to your EndNote Library.

Download PDFs in EndNote data folder: Follow the instructions to safely move or download all the PDFs from an EndNote Library to your desktop.

Edit incomplete imported PDFs: Follow the instructions to manually add bibliographic information to an EndNote record.

Import a PDF or a folder of PDFs: Follow the instructions if you have a PDF file or a folder of PDFs on your computer that you would like to add to your EndNote library. 

Rename PDF filesPDF files you downloaded might have different names. This feature allows you to automatically name all your PDF files in a consistent way. 

Set EndNote Preferences to find full text PDFs : Do this before you initiate Find Full Text feature.

Remove highlights or sticky notes from PDF files: If you don't want to keep the highlighted sentences or sticky notes, it's doable. 



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