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EndNote: Organizing

Everything about using EndNote and EndNote Online. Library workshops: Introduction to EndNote for Windows (Online); EndNote Drop-in Sessions

Create a Group/Folder

Custom Group: You will need to manually add references to the group.

A Smart Group: You will need to define your search terms so that the references will be added or updated automatically within your EndNote Library.

A Group Set: A group set serves as the name of a header. You can create Custom Groups and Smart Groups under a Group Set. 

Note: Smart Groups and Group Sets do not show up in EndNote Online, however they do sync to your other desktop EndNote installations.

This first video demonstrates how to create a Custom Group, a Smart Group, and a Group Set.

​Note: the video is of an older version X6.  Smart groups do now sync between desktop installations in X7.  So the plugins mentioned are not needed.

This 2nd video discusses smart and combination groups.

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