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EndNote: How to merge libraries?

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If you need to combine EndNote libraries, either because someone sent you a library or you have switched computers, you can do so through merging. To do this, the file must be an .enlx file. Before merging two libraries, you need to double click the .enlx file so that it will be extracted and saved as an .enl file. There are multiple ways to merge library files. The recommended method to use is to Import one library into another. This allows you to filter out duplicates. 

Method 1:Importing EndNote Libraries

  • Open the EndNote Library into which you want to import the references.
  • Go to Import from the File menu.
  • Browse to the library you want to import. It should be an .enl file.
  • In Import Options, choose EndNote Library.
  • Text translation is on 'No translation'
  • Click Import.

Method 2: Using Drag and Drop

  • To copy specific references from one library to another, simply select them in one library.
  • Click on any part of the selection and use the mouse to drag the selection to another library.
  • The selected references are copied to the library where they were “dropped.”

Method 3: Copying References in Libraries

  • Select the references that you want to copy and choose Copy from the Edit menu.
  • Open the library to which you want to add the references and choose Paste from the Edit menu.