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EndNote: How to display journal full name/journal abbreviations in reference list?

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Step 1: Setting preferences and clearing any existing journal terms

  • Open the EndNote Library.
  • For PC users, go to EndNote Preferences under Edit and choose Term List. For Mac users, go to Preferences from the EndNote menu and choose Term List.
  • Uncheck the bottom two boxes.
  • Go to Library, open Term List, select Journal Term List.
  • Make sure you are on the Terms tab. Select/highlight all the terms, and Delete.

Step 2: Importing journal terms list

  • Open the EndNote Library.
  • Go to Library, Define Term List, select Journals (Make sure you are on the List tab).
  • Click Import List.
  • Navigate to EndNote program file: C:\Program Files\EndNote (EndNote Version Number)\Term Lists. Select the relevant discipline (e.g., BioScience or Medical) and click Open.
  • You will have to repeat this steps if you want to import more than one list.

Step 3: Double check journal terms list

  • Open the EndNote Library.
  • Go to Library, open Term List, and check to see if the journal full title, abbreviation 1, abbreviation 2  are correct.
  • If errors are found, highlight the journal, click Edit Term..., and make necessary corrections. 

Step 4: Make a copy of the style for your manuscript

  • Open the EndNote Library and select the style for your manuscript.
  • Select Output Style from Edit menu and select the style you want to edit.
  • Select Journal Names from the left navigation.
  • Select the journal name your prefer (e.g., Full journal name or abbreviation).
  • From the File menu, save the style as new style and give it another name such as APA-Full journal name.
  • Close the style editing window.
  • Open your manuscript, set the style to the new style you just saved.
  • Click Update References and you will see the change.

 The EndNote video below demonstrates how to work with the Journal Names: