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EndNote: Manually Enter References

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Instructions to Manually Add References

When you can not find the references from online databases or other sources that enable direct export into the EndNote Library, you will have to add them manually. 

  1. Open your EndNote Library 
  2. Click New References from References menu
  3. Select References Type (e.g., book, book section, journal article, Web page,...) from  the drop-down menu
  4. Enter each field as required by the desired writing style

Tips for entering references manually:

  • You don't have to fill out all the fields
  • Don't apply any formatting at all (e.g,. bold, italic, ...) just enter plain text
  • Each author entering on a new line (First name last name; Last name, first name)
    • End corporate author name with a comma (e.g., University of Tennessee,)
  • Author term in red means it is new. As you type, EndNote will suggest authors to you
  • Years should be entered as a 4-digit number
  • Use Date field for month
  • Page numbers can be entered as a range or truncated (e.g., 112-119 or 112-9)