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Digital Measures User Guide

Resources and faculty guides for Digital Measures

Data Entry Proxy

Data Entry Proxy

A proxy is someone, typically administrative staff, who has been assigned to enter data on behalf of a faculty member or members. It is important to note that although the proxy may be responsible for entering the faculty's information, it is ultimately the faculty's responsibility to verify the accuracy of those data.

To request proxy access:

  • 1a. Group Proxy Authorization Form (for access to entire division, department, or college; required to be filled out by chief, chair, dean, or other so authorized individual):



  • 2. Proxy Agreement Form (verifies understanding of the proxy role and available resources; required to be filled out by the individual being assigned proxy access):

Workflow Assistant

Workflow Assistant

A Workflow Assistant is someone, typically administrative staff, who works closely with faculty supervisors (Deans, Department Chairs, Division Chiefs, and other faculty supervisor designees) to assist in the review process. This might be the Annual Performance and Planning Review, Promotion, Tenure, or Post-Tenure Review. This role is distinct from that of a data entry proxy and has a different level of permissions to access faculty profiles.

Requests to authorize someone as a Workflow Assistant must come directly from the faculty supervisor. Please email us at for more information.