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Digital Measures User Guide

Resources and faculty guides for Digital Measures

Imported Data Upload Schedule

Imported Data Upload Schedule

Some data is imported to your Digital Measures account from other UTHSC systems. The data upload schedule for these sections is as follows:

Digital Measures Screen Source Schedule
Personal and Contact Information IRIS Daily
Yearly Data IRIS Daily
UTHSC Course Instruction Banner Seven weeks after start of term
Proposals Cayuse - Sponsored Programs *Bi-Weekly
Awards Cayuse - Sponsored Programs Daily
Degrees AFSA Monthly

*The Digital Measures team is working on improving the Sponsored Programs screens, which may delay the imports from Cayuse.

Instructions: First Screens to Review

Screens to Review

These screens contain records pulled from another UTHSC system. Please check them to verify accuracy.

If you find any issues, please contact us at

Personal and Contact Information

  • Under the "General Information" category please verify the information on the "Personal and Contact Information" screen. This screen should contain your full name, UTHSC email address, office room number, and demographic information. Records are populated by IRIS.

Yearly and Permanent Administrative Data

  • Under the "General Information" category, please verify the information on the "Yearly" and "Permanent" "Administrative Data" screens. These screens should contain faculty rank, appointment date, promotion date, and unit affiliation. Records are populated by IRIS.


  • Under the "General Information" category, please verify the information on the "Degrees" screen. This screen should contain your full list of degrees on file. Records are populated by AFSA.

UTHSC Course Instruction

  • Under the "Teaching/Mentoring" category please verify your UTHSC course list and instructor roles. This screen is populated by Banner records. If one of your courses is not listed, faculty may now add their own courses not populated by Banner.

Sponsored Research

  • Under the "Scholarship and Research" category please verify your "Proposal" and "Award" records. These records are populated by Cayuse and will only be those from your time at UTHSC.


Instructions: Correct "Personal and Contact Information"