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Digital Measures User Guide

Resources and faculty guides for Digital Measures

Instructions: Enter Data

Entering Data

Note: At least one date (it can be the year) is required to save a record on screens that require dates.


Step 1: Navigate to Activities

  • Once logged in, at the top of the screen click Activities and then Manage Activities
  • You will see the following sections, which contain the screens you can add data to
    • General Information: contains personal and contact information, educational history, honors and awards, certifications, and professional memberships.
    • Teaching/Mentoring: contains scheduled teaching information, along with other activities that directly impact student learning.
    • Scholarship/Research: contains information about grants, publications, presentations, and other scholarly and professional activities.
    • Service: contains your service activities undertaken in clinical, professional, university, and public settings.


Step 2: Add New Record

  • Select a section you would like to edit and click Add New Item at the top right of the screen.

  • Fill out the available form fields to the greatest extent possible, and select Save to save your work.