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Google for Researchers

Public Scholar Profile

If you are publishing research, you may be interested in setting up your scholarly profile on Google Scholar to verify your articles and help keep track of your citations. When you first log in to your profile, Google will ask for your affiliation and a verification email. After this, you may begin adding your own articles and changing settings. If you have not published, you may still set up an account to begin collection citations from others' work. To set up your profile, head to Google Scholar and click on My Profile in the upper left hand corner. 

Creating a profile in Google Scholar would benefit a researcher interested in seeing how their work is performing in this search engine, or to keep track of citations for their own use.

Saving Searches (Alerts) and Citations

You can set up email alerts for articles as they are added to Google Scholar. In the menu on the left hand side of the screen, the Alert option is always available. You can set up an alert from that screen, but you can also create an alert for an author by going to their profile. 

You can use the little quotation marks under search results to save a citation. Clicking on the quotes opens a box that has several citation styles for you to copy and paste your desired style. This is also how you can export a citation to EndNote.

You can also use the star icon to save the article to your profile. This will put it in "My Library," which can be found at the upper right hand corner of the screen.