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Google for Researchers

Google Scholar - Same as Google?

Google Scholar is a search engine that specializes in searching scholarly literature and academic resources. While Google will return information contained in any website, Google Scholar limits its searching to just academic literature resources, including .edu sites. It is freely accessible, like Google, and can be very helpful to researchers. If this guide doesn't answer your questions, you may Ask a Librarian or read more about Google Scholar.

What's It Good For?

Google Scholar does not have the same features as most databases do, leading it to be not as helpful in limiting or narrowing your search. Google Scholar is great for many things, including:

  • Finding grey literature - materials and research produced by those outside the traditional commercial or academic publishing sphere. Examples include white papers, government documents, reports, and evaluations
  • Finding partial or obscure citations
  • Finding information on particular journals or publications for a researcher new to their field

Google Scholar Results Options

There are many icons and links underneath each result when you search in Google Scholar. Here is an explanation of the common ones you will see.

Star This button will save the resource to your "My Library." You must have a Gmail account for this to work for you. You do not have to create a profile in Google scholar.

Quotation marksThis button will open a box that has the citation information for the resource in many different styles. You can also download the citation to EndNote or another citation management software.

Cited byThis button will take you to a new Google Scholar search screen comprised of all the resources that have cited the search result. The number will vary depending on how many people have cited the resource.

Related articlesThis button will take you to a new Google Scholar search screen comprised of articles the search engine has identified as similar or related to the resource you're looking at.

Web of ScienceThis button is related to the Google Scholar and Web of Science integration. The number will vary depending on how many times the article is cited in Web of Science. Only current UTHSC affiliates will see this button. Clicking on this link will take you to the Web of Science Core Collection, and the results you see there will be articles that have cited the resource you are looking at.