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EndNote: How do I convert EndNote citations to plain text in Microsoft Word?

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How to Convert EndNote Citations in Microsoft Word to Plain Text

When you use Cite While You Write in Microsoft Word, EndNote is building code into the document. Usually, you can't see it unless you tell Microsoft Word to show field codes (Options > Advanced > Show field codes). If you are submitting or sharing a paper with someone else, you will want to remove the code from the Word document and turn it into plain text. However, make sure you are finished using Cite While You Write because once you convert a document to plain text, you can't continue to add in citations from EndNote. 

For Windows/PC Computers:

In Microsoft Word, go to the EndNote tab. In the Bibliography section on the tool bar, click on 'Convert Citations and Bibliography.' Choose 'Convert to Plain Text.' 

For Mac/Apple Computers:

In Microsoft Word, go to the EndNote tab. Under Tools, choose 'Convert to Plain Text.'