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EndNote: How can I transfer my EndNote Library to another computer?

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To move your EndNote Library to another location, you need to first compress the original EndNote Library or Groups of the Library you want to move.

Step 1: Compress your EndNote Library file:

  • Open the EndNote Library.
  • From the "File" menu, select "Compressed Library (.enlx)" for PC and Mac. 
  • Name the EndNote Compressed Library. 
  • Create or Save the Library to create a zip file (filename.enlx).

Step 2: Move the compressed file to the second computer:

  • Option 1: Email the zip file to yourself.
  • Option 2: Use cloud storage service such as OneDrive if the zip file is too big to email.
  • Option 3: Transport the zip file using a flash drive.

Step 3: Restore the compressed library file:

  • Option 1: Open the compressed EndNote Library (filename.enlx).
  • Option 2: Double click the compressed EndNote Library (filename.enlx).
  • This will extract the compressed library into a regular EndNote Library.

Note that: An EndNote Library is composed of .enl file and its associated .Data folder. The compressed library will contain both files and is good to back up your library or send a copy to yourself or share it with a colleague.