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EndNote: Using Traveling Library

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When you are in one of the following situations, you might need to use Export Traveling Library:

  • Several people working on a manuscript or a project
  • If someone shares a Word document or a manuscript that was created using EndNote. You want all the references used in the manuscript to be added to your EndNote Library.

 Here are the steps to export a traveling library: 

  1. Open the Word document or the manuscript that was created using EndNote
  2. Click the EndNote tab (For Mac users, it's under Tool)
  3. Choose Export Traveling Library under the Export Reference tab (For Mac users, it's under Tool). EndNote will ask whether you want to import to a new library or an existing library
  4. Make your selection for the location of the references
  5. Click OK, and the references in the manuscript will be automatically imported into the desired EndNote Library

Library Sharing in EndNote X9