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Health Informatics and Information Management

Overview of Applied Research Project

Example Thesis Presentations

Inventory of Health IT Evaluation Studies

The "Inventory of Health IT Evaluation Studies" is a resource which can be used to find ideas for topic papers. 

The inventory is available for free at:

The IMIA WG Health Technology and Quality Assessment and EFMI WG Assessment of Health Information Systems ( provide and maintain the Inventory of Health IT Evaluation Studies and Systematic Reviews.  Dr Nicolette de Keizer, Chair of the IMIA Working Group writes: This repository was created to help researchers to identify evaluation studies that have been conducted in defined settings. It now contains more than 1700 references to published evaluation studies and reviews of evaluation studies of health information systems. The repository is the result of a systematic literature search, first conducted in 2003 and updated in 2006, 2009 and 2012. Since 2009, the repository is also updated based on input from researchers from all over the world. To support this, the repository website offers the possibility to propose studies that should be entered into the database.



Why archive?

A lot of time and hard work goes into the creation of your Thesis. It showcases your writing skills, understanding and ability to conduct research, as well as your ability to disseminate that information through discussion and presentation of findings.   

Archiving your Thesis allows you to:

  • Point to a permanent location for Thesis, as file types are maintained and updated. 
  • Each entry is given a unique doi number, which can be include on reports, CVs, etc.

Where to archive?

UTHSC Digital Commons is a digital archive for the scholarly output of the UTHSC community. Its mission is to capture, preserve and make available the intellectual output of the University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center's faculty, staff, and students.

Contact your Thesis advisor and get approval for archiving.

Submit your thesis to the following link. Contact A/Professor Jennifer Langford at UTHSC Library for any further information. Remember to list your Thesis weblink at  your resume/ CV.

Thesis link: Here is the link for the new upload form for the Thesis Arching submission: