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Anatomage Table

This guide serves as a resource for using the Anatomage Table in the UTHSC Health Sciences Library.

What is the Anatomage Table?

The Anatomage Table is an anatomy visualization system which allows you to dissect a 3D cadaver in real time. This comprehensive 3D visualization tool features an intuitive hands-on interface which allows for quick analysis and examination, medical education, patient diagnosis, and dynamic presentations.

The Anatomage Table features:

  • Real human anatomy in a life-size scale

  • An all-in-one, touch-interface display system

  • Clean, safe, reusable technology

  • Accurate gross anatomy, segmentation models, and the ability to input countless new scans

  • Ability to visualize and manipulate custom patient scans and identify potential surgical complications 

  • Quiz mode to visually test your knowledge 

Watch this brief overview of the Anatomage Table:


Please credit any exported images as being from Anatomage or rendered with Anatomage software. If you would like to publish something for mass production, contact Anatomage.

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