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Pharmacy and Pharmacology : PubMed and Others

Best Databases for Pharmacy Research

Databases that Provide the Number of Times an Article was Cited

Note: Scopus and Web of Science do not provide full text access to articles. A major benefit of searching these databases is to see how many times articles were cited. (See example searches at the bottom of this page.) 

Remember, you can also request an article via interlibrary loan if we do not have it in full text via any of our databases. 

Have a citation and need to find the article?

1. Click the link and then search by the Journal or Publication Title (not the article title!). 
2. Click on the Journal Title.
3. Click on the year, then the Volume/Issue number.
4. Look for the page range or title of the article in the results. (You are basically "browsing" that particularly journal issue at this point.)


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