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EndNote Guide   Tags: endnote, reference manager, research, tools  

Everything about using EndNote and EndNote Web.
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2015 URL: Print Guide RSS Updates

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System Requirements & Download

Before you download and install EndNote, you should review the system requirements for your computer.

For Mac users, you must be using at least the Leopard operating system (OS 10.5) and have an Intel processor.

For Windows users, review system requirements here. XP users must be on Service Pack 3.

UTK Download Site

UTHSC faculty, staff and students can download EndNote from the UTK Office of Information Technology. NetID is required to download the program. Once you log in, choose Thomson Reuters as the vendor to download EndNote program.


Setting up Find Full Text EndNote preferences for UTHSC Library

EndNote X3-X7 offer the option to find full text usually in PDF format downloaded to your EndNote Library. Before doing this, it is highly recommended that you set Find Full Text Preferences in EndNote.  This way you will find more full text PDFs because you connect your EndNote Library with the library's resources. Follow the following to set the EndNote preferences:

  • Choose Find Full Text under EndNote Preferences (For PC users the EndNote Preferences is under Edit; For Mac users the EndNote Preferences is under EndNote tab)
  • Check all the four boxes if they are not already checked
  • Enter UTHSC library's OpenURL and Authendicate With URL:

OpenURL Path is:

Authenticate with:

Note that 1) the EndNote Find Full Text feature will not find everything for you. Some journals and database services (e.g., JSTOR, EBSCO, and SWETS) will not work with it. 2) If your computer is on campus, you do not need to enter Authenticate with URL


How do I avoid the product key during installation (Windows only)?

As UTHSC has a site license for EndNote, you should not be asked for the product key. To avoid this, you will need to do the following:

After downloading EndNote program, be sure to “Extract All” before installing. View this video from the UTK site or review this handout.


EndNote Instructors

Rick Fought   (901) 448-7599
Toll Free:     1-877-747-0004

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