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Nursing--NSG 916 & NSG 912: Welcome

The research guide was created for NSG 916 Concept & Theory Analysis & NSG 912 Theory Construction for the UTHSC College of Nursing DNP and PhD program.

Welcome to NSG 916 and 912 Course Research Guide

This is the course research guide for nursing courses: NSG 916 Concept & Theory Analysis and NSG 912 Theory Construction. A health sciences librarian is embedded in these two courses to assist with library research and writing. 

The Embedded Librarian's message:

  • If you struggled with finding information you needed for more than 10 minutes, ask the embedded librarian! 
  • Make Google your good friend and train yourself to be the better information filter! 


Are you an Information Literacy Competent Nurse?

The final version of the Information Literacy Competency Standards for Nursing was approved by Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Board of Directors. It includes five standards with performance indicators and outcomes. The five standards indicate that an information literacy nurse is able to:

  • determine the nature and extent of the information needed;
  • access needed information effectively and efficiently;
  • critically evaluate the procured information and its sources and , as a result, decide whether or not to modify the initial query  and/or seek additional sources and whether to develop a new research process;
  • individually or as a member of a group, use information effectively to accomplish a specific purpose;
  • understand many of the economic, legal, and social issues surrounding the use of information and accesses and use information ethically and legally. 

Visit ACRL site for detailed information about the standards

Library Liaison to College of Nursing

Lin Wu
Assistant Director for Research & Learning Services (RLS)
Health Sciences Library
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
877 Madison Ave. Room 218, Memphis, TN 38163
(901) 448-4759
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