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Medical Education

PubMed Tutorials

PubMed tutorials are short.  They last from 1 to 3 minutes. The tutorials are arranged in 6 categories—Searching PubMed, Managing Results, Links to Full Text, Saving Searches, Collections and Bibliographies, Preferences and Filters.

I highly recommend you spend time viewing all 9 tutorials in the Searching PubMed category. And, I also encourage you view the 2-minute “Changing Your Default Display Setting” tutorial. When searching PubMed, you will need to change your display settings from summary to abstract to view links to UT Fulltext journal articles.

View all PubMed tutorials

UpToDate Tutorials

UpToDate is the most highly used database provided by the library.  It is an evidence-based database.  To access UpToDate, go to the library’s website,, then click UpToDate.

To view database tutorials, click Help—located on the top right corner of the screen.

Next, click Demos. It is located on the left panel.

At the bottom of the screen are three categories—Getting Started, How to use UpToDate, and Search in Your Own Language.

I recommend you begin by clicking Conducting a Search.

A new iPhone app is available. Click the tutorial to learn more.

View all training materials from UpToDate. 

Scopus Tutorials

To locate the tutorials, go to the library’s website,, click Scopus. Then locate a box labeled Resources.  For the Resource box on the top left, click Videos.

I recommend you begin by viewing the “Introduction to Scopus” video. Next view the “Scopus: Searching Scopus Content” video. Other useful tutorials include, “Scopus: Using Abstract Pages” and “Scopus: Saving Documents to a Personalized List”.

If you need assistance using this feature or if you have questions about searching Scopus, click the Live Chat icon.  It is located in the to navigation bar on the top right of the screen.

View all Scopus training materials and tutorials

Tennessee Electronic Library (TEL) Tutorials

Tennessee Electronic Library is a collection of electronic resources that are provided for free to all residents of Tennessee.  These resources are funded by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

From the library’s website, click Databases, then scroll through the database listing to locate a link to TEL. To access tutorials and other learning aids, click “Test Prep”, located below TEL Shortcuts.

Then click Job Search & Workplace Skills Learning Center. Next, click the chevron beside Business Writing.

In this section you will find courses and guides for business writing, grammar skills, and vocabulary and spelling practice.

I recommend you begin by taking a practice exercises. Based on your score, the module will suggest tests and/or courses to improve your proficiency.

These modules are free. To use these modules, you need to register by entering a username/password and your e-mail address.

View all TEL tutorials.


CINAHL Tutorials

The CINAHL database provides videos and other tutorials to assist in searching the database.

To locate the tutorials, click Help.  It is located in the top right corner.

After clicking Help, click Tutorials. Several modules are available.  Look for the EBSCOhost Tutorials.  Thirteen tutorials are available.  The tutorials are short, usually 2-7 minutes long. 

I recommend you begin with the Basic Search tutorial.  It lasts three minutes and is available in a variety of formats, such as YouTube and PowerPoint. This tutorial also has link to a quiz. The quiz will test how well you understand the basic search features.

View CINAHL tutorials from EBSCO Help.